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State of Race and Policing in America

Beyond Ferguson: Rethinking Community
and Social Justice in the United States

September 21, 2016
5:30 p.m.

Annenberg Presidential Conference Center
1002 George Bush Drive West
College Station, Texas 77843

Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Quinnipiac University


This lecture will be the first in a series of three intended to create a conversation between researchers, law enforcement, and citizens. In an age of social media, incidents between law enforcement and citizens across the country have garnered national attention. As concerns of policing within minority communities rise, cities across the United States are experiencing political protests that have not be witnessed in decades. Given the climate surrounding police and minority communities, this lecture series hopes to begin a community wide dialogue focusing on topics such as, tensions between communities of color and law enforcement, race and community engagement efforts by local police departments, research on criminal justice, policing, and immigration enforcement at the local level.



A reception prior to the event will begin at 5:00 p.m. Admission to both the reception and event is free and open to the public, but reservations are requested.


Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean

Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean is an associate professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University. Dr. Brown-Dean is a nationally respected expert on the American criminal justice system. She has authored numerous academic and popular pieces on topics such as felon disenfranchisement; prison gerrymandering; and contemporary social justice movements. She previously served on the Board of Directors for Prison Policy Initiative; a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization that documents the impact of mass incarceration on communities across the nation. Her work includes “Felon Disenfranchisement after Bush v. Gore: Changes and Trends,” in Election Administration in the United States: The State of Reform After Bush v. Gore, edited by Michael Alvarez and Bernard Grofman (Cambridge University Press, 2014) and “Counting Bodies and Ballots: Prison Gerrymandering and the Paradox of Urban Political Representation” forthcoming in Urban Citizenship and American Democracy: The Historical and Institutional Roots of Local Politics and Policy by Amy Bridges and Michael Javen Fortner (SUNY Press). She is co-author of a Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies report on the contemporary status of voting rights in the United States that was presented during the 50th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday March in Selma, Alabama.

Dr. Brown-Dean is an award-winning political analyst, advisor, and commentator for numerous agencies and organizations including The New York Times, The Congressional Black Caucus, NPR, WURD, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Crisis Magazine, Fox News Radio, TheGrio.com, Uptown Magazine, The Comcast Network, The Washington Post, the American Urban Radio Network, Dominion of New York, and WNPR. Her 2013 Ebony.com article, “The Real Victims of the GOP Shutdown: Children and Families,” was widely circulated and discussed by legislators and voters. She is featured in the documentary, “The Color of Justice,” and is a frequent guest on WNPR’s “Where We Live.” Brown-Dean is weekly political analyst for WTNH-News 8 and has lectured at some of the world’s leading universities including Oxford University in England.

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