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Message from the Dean

Howdy! I can’t tell you what a privilege it is for me to write this article as the new dean of the Bush School. I hope I’ll get the chance to meet each and every one of you face-to-face at some point. Until then, I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you this way.

I’ve been on the job for a little over a month now…each day has been wonderful! My initial focus has been on meeting the faculty and staff, connecting faces with names, reviewing academic programs and curricula, learning from the department heads and assistant deans, and listening to the thoughts of the remarkable Bush School team as to where we are as an institution and where we need to go next.

It’s been incredibly uplifting to hear the passion in faculty members’ voices as they talk about their students, their academic programs, their research, their service tasks, and their ideas for the future of this great college. And it’s been humbling to hear the pride in the voices of our staff as they tell me why they were drawn to the Bush School—their admiration for the faculty they support and their confidence in, and excitement for, the students they’ve helped navigate into and through the program.

I had the chance to greet the 176 members of the Class of 2018 as they joined us at the end of August. What a thrill! Like every class before them, they bring an energy and sense of anticipation that is intoxicating! And like every class before them, their talent level is stunning. I can’t wait to see the great things they’ll accomplish once this world-class faculty turns that talent and energy into focused, dedicated, and selfless service.

Speaking of selfless service…I’d like to offer my congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Ambassador Ryan Crocker for his remarkable work as dean. The best news I’ve heard in quite some time is that he’s staying here at Texas A&M doing special projects for the provost. We need Ryan’s unique combination of expertise, experience, and talent around the Bush School for as long as possible. There is no better example of selfless service and no better role model for our students and graduates. Thanks, Dean Crocker—you were magnificent!

The Bush School is only nineteen years old and already is a huge success story! My most important near-term task is to work with the faculty, staff, students, and graduate community to ensure we have a clear vector and priorities for the next twenty years. I know there are lots of thoughts on that subject; bring ‘em on! I’m looking forward to the discussion! I’m also looking forward to updating you on it in the next Newsletter. Until then, serve proudly…it’s a privilege!

Mark A. Welsh III, Dean of the Bush School

Mark A. Welsh III

Dean, Holder of the Edward & Howard Kruse Endowed Chair, and Executive Professor

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